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We appreciate your partnership and support of the ministry God has called us to. You can give your regular tithes or a special offering to ENC securely online using the link below.



You can give a pledge to further the future of ENC by clicking the link below and designating your funds as "Project Joseph Pledge."
Thank you for partnering with this vision.
The Promised Land
Ranch + Preserve in Menomonee Falls is owned by the nonprofit AmericaFarms, a mission of natural sanctuary, healing and community-building that we, as an ENC family support. Click here to learn more!


Looking to book ENC WORSHIP or speakers for your next event? Inquire here, and we'll get back to you.


Prayer is one of the most powerful gifts God gave us to use. And we invite you to join us in declaring continued salvation, health, peace, joy and a culture of honor and love in our cities and families through His Holy Spirit, so that we are able to continue to be used to pour out what He has put in us. Pray for heaven to be a reality here in our every atmosphere and for His presence to invade the culture we influence.

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