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Project Joseph


In 2017, ENC acquired farmland to build a new church campus, steward organic crops and continue to advance the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! The site just held its first wedding in 2019 as well, and is a gorgeous cobblestone-barn-and-woods setting to rent for wedding ceremonies.


We are looking forward to what is ahead, and are in need of partners to continue to sow seeds and pray over this vision with us.

  • 1st Step: Purchased 80-acre farmland for $1.5M in 2017

  • 2nd Step: Continue to steward the land, crops and host events

  • Vision-cast toward building a worship & ministry center


If you'd like to give a tax-deductible donation to this project, simply click on the "Download Now" button above, and you will be directed to a secure giving platform. Designate donations to "Project Joseph" in the comments section of your gift. Thank you for your partnership.

Why "Project Joseph?"

There's a story in the Bible about a young man named Joseph.

He was a special son from the beginning, born to Rachel, the beloved wife of Jacob.

Joseph was a dreamer and visionary, favored and gifted with insight from the Lord that would elevate him into his destiny. What was born in Joseph was from God and could not be denied.

In a similar way, God has planted in us the vision of expanding ENC with the heart of reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship and ministry as a family-strong, Christ-centered church. And we invite you to partner with our vision!

"From the beginning, God had a plan for Joseph to give spiritual direction to rulers, and to provide food for the people of the surrounding nations in time of famine. God proved Himself faithful to guide Joseph through all the afflictions and setbacks, and raised up Joseph to fulfill the dreams that he dreamed as a young boy. Joseph's generation looked to him for preservation and sustenance, and were witnesses of all that Joseph said God would do. All of it came to pass, and so it was that Joseph’s life was a "project" designed and authored by God to reveal His steadfast love and sovereign care for people in their time of need.

As a part of today's generation, we also have the call from God to serve and provide help for those in need in this time. Thus, our plan to expand and reach out is named “Project Joseph.”

Eagles' Nest Church is expanding to better serve our community and meet the needs of our growing congregation. We will build a ministry and worship facility on the front 10-acre out-lot of the nearly 80-acre farmland in Menomonee Falls & Lannon. We will then partner with experienced farmers and growers to continue harvesting produce on the cropland there, and will distribute products through agencies, including Feeding America.


Our new facility will further enable our mission of "Encountering God and Telling People," while embodying our vision to conduct ministry in a rural campus with urban reach and global impact."

- Tim Winter, Senior Pastor and Founder of Eagles' Nest Church

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